Surf checks @free_lightbulbs_and_lettuce @123noot456

Testing out some new shit @plvphotography @viviensmodelmgmt

If you were an ocean I’d learn to float

Getting our fingers sticky in some gold snafu @nyzstaley @freyfrey2 #stickyfingers #goldsnafutour

No milk for coffee 😩

Life’s a beach

Fun waves this morning (at Deadmans Beach)

Afternoon drinks @jonasnutter (at Main Beach)

Swims and kayaking (at Home Beach)

Sunday afternoon shenanigans @limeshotel with @willnasser @rhett_ @gabbyepstein @ellalethbridge @sebgeorgiouu @emmajsparks good seeing you all again (at Limes Hotel)

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me

V-Social @rhett_ @jamesrlindsay #vsocial @viviensmodelmgmt